Ecoarc Consulting Ltd.

We're an archaeological and heritage consulting company based in Victoria, BC and serving all areas of the province. We work closely with First Nations communities, various levels of government and private developers to meet their needs for archaeological services, training and education. Ecoarc is led by Paul Ewonus, PhD, RPCA who has 24 years of experience in BC archaeology. Contact us for an estimate or to discuss your requirements.

Photo: Shaun Canute, Cowichan Tribes


  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)

  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)

  • Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)

  • Culturally modified tree (CMT) inventories

  • Archaeological mitigation and monitoring services

  • Total station and Geographic Information Systems mapping, data management

  • Archaeological potential modelling

  • Archaeological workshops and training

  • Archaeological, historical, cultural and ethnographic research

  • Archaeological collections analysis, including fauna, lithics, and perishable materials

  • Osteological analysis

  • CMT stem round sample and increment core analysis

  • Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) property searches

Contact us

(604) 363-7276